2016, it’s here.

I’ve been here before, on New Year’s Eve, coming off the craziness of the holidays, the exhaustion of travel, and challenged to think about new things to come and a resolution for the brand spanking new year. It should be exciting, it should be challenging, it should be an opportunity to reflect, create, hope, and dream, and as I try to think of my goals, ambitions, and wants for the coming year I draw a blank.

Sure I could cop-out and say in 2016 I will lose weight, eat better, slow down, save more, better myself, but this year none of those feel right. The new year is a time that we can start over, start fresh and announce our loftiest goals and strive to be our “best” selves, and project this out to the world in hopes of it coming true. Here I am, healthy, happy, and reflecting on a year that I accomplished a lot and made a lot of mistakes I have learned from. This new year, 2016, I don’t have a new year’s resolution, I am doing just fine and will keep on doing just fine, 2015 style.

So here’s to no gimmicks, no resolutions, no half-hearted promises to myself. Natalie, keep doing what you are doing; it’s working.

Spend Less November begins!

To say it has been a while would be an understatement but I’m back and kicking the month off with a bit of excitement…. well, I think it is exciting.

Today marks the first day of my self-imposed, made up challenge of “Spend Less November”. After a summer full of fun activities, travel, and great food, the wallet was feeling a little light. I have some big expenses coming up and decided it is time to tighten up the purse strings. A few friends and coworkers will be joining me in a month of smart spending, in hopes of living off and appreciating what we have, spending less time shopping, and saving up for the things we really want — whatever they may be.

I have taken out a finite number of cash and intend for that to be my only spending money for the month for groceries, gas, entertainment, etc. I have decided that I will personally be excluding gifts from my budget (can’t pass up if I see something special for someone else– Christmas is coming) and of course, if any emergencies (healthcare, car repairs, etc) they will also not be included in my budget.

Let’s see what happens!

A weekend, a wedding

While according to Facebook, this past weekend appeared to be the top choice for wedding festivities amongs my previously engaged, 20-something Facebook friends. However, this weekends forecast for me is looking sunny and full or wedding partaking!

Last week I worked at Shelburne Farms to prepare for the excitement of this weekend: Matthew Kahn’s wedding! Matthew is the older brother of my best friend, Chelsea, who now lives in Seattle and am very excited to see! It is sure to be a great weekend of wedding bliss, celebrating and happiness! I was so excited to heading home for this special occasion that I was peering out the window of my (55 minute flight)! More to come I’m sure!


A visitor!

Sometimes it’s nice to take a trip, but sometimes it is equally as nice to host! This past weekend my big brother came up to visit. Anthony is three years older than I am and it has always seemed like the perfect age gap. We are both young adults with similar interests but he will always be the big brother I look up to (and expect to pick on me once in a while…). He is now part of one of the most respected police forces on the planet, NYPD! Now that he is living in the hustle and bustle of the big city, I was excited to host him with a laid back, Vermont-y weekend!





Bundle O’ Joy

Apparently I have now hit the age that’s its happening… You know “it”…. Friends having babies and getting married!

There is no quicker way of saying “your not a kid anymore” than by realizing that friends your age are having kids of their own! So enough about me an my age realizations— Tanya’s having a baby, a baby girl!

In a mere month, Fletcher Allen hospital will be lucky enough to welcome Aleksandra to the world. To celebrate, a few friends and I hosted a small, simple, but great baby shower for Tanya. Although we joked about the theme of the evening being “chicks cooking meat”, in addition to grilling we had s’mores, plenty of great food, some baby belly rubbing, and children book reading!

I am so happy for Tanya and can’t wait to meet the little girl!


Thoughts on Wisdom Teeth

This week, I got my wisdom teeth out… for a long time, I thought that it was all a hoax and thus put off the procedure until I was 24, while most people get them out in high school. Needless to say, it’s over and these are my thought on it.

1. Peas smell gross when frozen and pushed up against your face
2. I’m thankful for insurance
3. Visitors are always welcome… thanks so much to the friends that said hi, brought blenders, and shared milkshakes with me
4. Whitney Port can do so much better than Jay on “The Hills”
5. Unhealthy smoothies (aka milkshakes) are infinitely more satisfying than healthy smoothies…

Peek of the Week

{ still one of my favorite places in Vermont }

{ still one of my favorite places in Vermont }

Well, in a nutshell, this week has been busy. We are slowly but surely moving into our new apartment and I am trying to make every effort in my free time to spruce it up. Hopefully I will be able to reveal some photos in the near future.

In the meantime, I have been a busy girl!

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Old friends, great friends


This weekend was a great one full of sunshine, sunburn, and time with friends. Living in the town close to my college definitely has some perks including having lots of great friends in town, including my friend Kimmy. Kimmy and I have been friends since the beginning of freshman year when we lived across the hall from each other. Since then, we have been getting together periodically and gotten in the habit of going walks. This weekend we picked up and went for a great, four hour walk on the bike path and around town and snapped this pic!